How to prepare for interview success.

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 interview queueWhether you have had an interview before or not it’s always nerve racking when you get the call / email inviting you to come along.  The more you want the job the more daunting it feels!

Interviews can be: Competency based, Strength basedTechnicalBy Phone, Video or Skype, Panel, 1-1, a chat over a coffee or incredibly formal.

There are lots of different ways to interview but essentially the employer is always looking for the same thing.

  1. Someone who understands what the job involves and wants to do it!
  2. Someone who can demonstrate that they have the right skill set to be able to do the job.

The good news is if you have been invited to interview the employer already thinks you CAN do the job.  Now they need to see which candidate would be best.

Motivational questions

  • These look at your reasoning for why you want…

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